F1: Mission and Vision Statement

Without sounding too ‘corporate’, I undertook a process up through about 2005 of really trying to ‘drill down’ to what my family is about, and how God’s Word gets practically lived out in my life and our lives… I did this because it is my conviction that if I don’t implement God’s word into my life, I am merely ascribing to a set of beliefs intellectually, but without actually being wise.

So, I will list below a few of the key results of the process for your edification and my reminder. :-)

Vision Statement: (This is what my family is to be about…)

We will be a persistently Godly family that is real, enjoyable, true, joyful, hopeful, ‘rock-like’, trusting, meaningful and eternally relevant. We are to pursue the Kingdom of God through nobility, under God’s directives in Scripture.

Mission: (These things are what we are to do to fulfill the vision)

  • To advance His Kingdom’s purposes to His eternal Glory and our eternal Joy. This advancing occurs through discipleship and evangelism of our children first and then others. We give evidence of His saving and transforming power through dependent faith and trust in God, who strengthens us to walk in His ways.
  • To Glorify God through faith in Jesus Christ, the Rock – which is seen in living a holy life filled with integrity and working to fulfill our part of the Great Commission… what God has planned for us in this life.
  • To live in a way that conforms to His Word, so that when we see Him, He will say to us something to the effect of, “Well done, my good and faithful slaves.” The focus here is on steadfast persevering obedience and a holy life.
  • To live life in such a way as to die to our flesh – the way of life that is fruitless and useless – and live to Jesus Christ. We aspire to living useful lives through pursuing personal holiness and sanctification, without which one may not see God.
  • To know the Holy Scriptures that make people wise to Salvation.
  • To Study and obey the word of Christ.
  • To delight to do God’s Will by keeping His Law abiding in our hearts through Jesus Christ’s perfect obedience and our growing obedience.
  • To avoid the doctrine of demons – those things that trend toward immorality – through insuring that we screen as much as possible the information sources entering our lives.

I see the above list as the overall direction that I am pursuing with my family, despite past sins and present failings. It is God’s Grace in my life if I come close to reaching any of these. Let me know what you think below.

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