Foundations: Family Values

At its core, “Family Values’ are the things that your family treasures. In the process of outworking the Vision Statement and Mission, showing a more practical “what does this look like?” section became important to add. So, below, you will see how I understood the Mission statements to work out – what are the things that we as a family consider valuable given our mission. Here they are:

  1.  We value the worship of God in Spirit and in Truth as seen in obedience to His word, according to the scriptures: The Old and New Testaments interpreted soundly through a literal grammatical historical method of interpretation: The reaching of this value is ultimately seen in regularly attending and participating in a healthy church which pursues these things, as most clearly seen in expository teaching.
  2. We value regular family times that promote Biblical unity, while also celebrating the diversity of gifts, both spiritual and otherwise, skills, resources, interests and aptitudes that God has given His children: Seen in regular fun family ties and unity within the basic doctrines of the Christian faith which appreciates both a diversity of spiritual gifts and individual preferences.
  3. We value spiritual health as seen in regular exposure to Bible reading ourselves and or listening to the scripture in some fashion. We value memorization of God’s Word, thoughtfully considering its application to our lives (meditation), study, teaching and practice.
  4. We believe that gifts given to God should be excellent. We believe that ministry to God should not only be excellent, but also efficient – suitable and appropriating the best means to the best ends.
  5. We value faithfulness to those in our lives in this order: God, Spouse, children, extended family, church (as seen in the entire body of redeemed people), friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens of the city, state, and ultimately the nation.
  6. We value the salvation of our children through being faithful to do all that God requires of us to be and do.
  7. We value the physical health and safety of each other, our children and our relatives – seen in regular and varied personal exercise and an increasing nutritional awareness, while avoiding fads and pseudo-scientific claims to benefits.
  8. We value ministering to others in an attempt to edify and build up the church.
  9. We value financial independence as seen in: A. Working diligently with our own hands B. Meeting our own needs C. Saving in order to help meet the needs of others and D. Continued abundant provision despite economic circumstances. We thereby have the following priorities: A. Eliminating debt as a lifestyle option B. Working diligently to provide profit and value to the home in either a full time job, passive income streams, or a combination of both, based on availability and appropriateness. C. Meeting Biblical priorities as far as gaining sufficient resources in order to facilitate the development and growth of an inheritance being passed to children and to children’s children D. Meeting the needs of the church.
  10. We value keeping our word, even if it hurts.
  11. We value paying for the things we buy.
  12. We value finishing the things we start.
  13. We value people over things – we are engaged in the lives of others to whatever degree appropriate relationships allow.
  14. We value managing our things well.
  15. We value short-term gain for the sake of long-term progress.
  16. We value appropriate and skilled communication.

So, there you have it.

The list could probably be refined in a variety of different areas, but this is as far as I could go up until now.

What family values do you have? Do you have any suggestions as to how these could be improved or refined? I am interested in your thoughts.

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