What’s up with the tagline?

The tagline is the way that websites and other types of media express the basic gist of a subject in the most sussinct way the author can imagine.

I believe that our country is in a post-modern era, which classically means that truth is relative… Not that it actually is, but that a majority of people see it that way, and behave accordingly.

Additionally, I see that the people of our nation have basically forsaken the roots we have commonly shared of having a judeo- Christian background. Our culture , rather, is based on an increasing lawlessness and disregard for the Bible.

Finally, I see that the leaders of our nation are not particularly interested in following the constitution of the U. S. And have sought to take steps to remove its relevance and power.

So, this blog is, overall, seeking to help Dads live a life where they are responsible according to the truth; all of these ideals because of their intrinsic value, regardless of what ‘most people’ believe. We do this to stay faithful to God, our family and our nation.

Best regards,

Charles Matthews





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