Vacations With A Large Family

I am in the process of considering our vacation plans for the future. Below are a series (in an ongoing list) of priorities that we have and will need to reach prior to any of them occurring:

  1. The purpose of the vacation is Glorifying God. As an example, we will be attending church services during the vacation, and attempting to fellowship with other friends as we reach each place.
  2. Each location should have beautiful and / or historical significance.
  3. Each vacation must be paid for in advance through a combination of saving, acquiring sponsors, and the like.
  4. Each location must be educationally relevant.
  5. The purpose is building into our family.
  6. The duration of the visit is to be that which is necessary in order to have enjoyed the place.
  7. Our finances, including my income, will need to continue being generated and managed in our absence.
  8. We are to learn of and celebrate the richness of God’s grace that He has shown to the citizens of our country, as well as the world.
  9. Each vacation is to build into the skills of the family.

Geographic Regions for the Vacations:

  • Vacation West
  • Vacation Northwest
  • Vacation Southwest
  • Vacation Central
  • Vacation North central
  • Vacation East
  • Vacation Northeast
  • Vacation South
  • Vacation Europe
  • Vacation Middle East
  • Vacation Far East
  • Vacation Oceania
  • Vacation Africa
  • Vacation Hawaii

Check back regularly to see my progress as we move along in this process! (5.29.2014)

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