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Matthews Family

Hello, My name is Charles Matthews. I am the dad who blogs here at ALargeFamily.com

Whether we are in the middle of the apostasy or just starting it is still open for discussion, but we are seeing an increased polarization in our world and culture that is turning against God, the Bible and God’s people.

It is my conviction that as a nation of people, we have entered into a historically ‘strange’ time. Things are strange for the country, for families, for Christians. Still, our mission is the same. God hasn’t changed, and while he is completely ‘other’ than us, in the sense that He is Holy, He has provided everything we need for life and Godliness – living a life that is pleasing to Him.

This website is dedicated to helping Dads navigate through this strange world – but not just any ‘Dads’ out there- I specifically write to the Dads who are Dads of large families who desire to raise their children according to what the Bible says to do: to raise them up to Fear God. I also write in order to help the Dads become better husbands… not that I have ‘arrived’ in either category, but that I want to share what I have been able to (hopefully) learn and apply in my life. By the way, I did say I was learning, right? I hate the frothiness of much of what is called for lack of a better term, the ‘conversation’ where people are ‘touchy-feely’ in their attempt to learn things. So, I want to avoid that, but realize that I am also learning as I go. This Blog is a reflection of that process to one degree or another. Lessons that I think are valuable will be included in the menus above.

Since the average family size is about 2.5 children, 3 children and more qualify… not that we will be mean to those who have less (or even no) children. [There is enough ‘meanness’ in the world so prejudice and mean-spiritedness are out of line. But, we will call a ‘spade a spade’ as far as that goes, and we won’t shy away from calling sin exactly what it is. But keep in mind, this ‘forthrightness’ is meant not to ‘condemn’ but to save – See John 3:17]

I want this site to be like a ‘living room’ of sorts- a place where you feel comfortable… a place of encouragement, hope and at times what is called ‘admonition’… also known as a ‘swift kick in the pants- as it were’ – sometimes we need that in order to get going… but all done in love :)

Let me know what you think- I am glad to help. Leave a comment below; if you need more direct help, send me a mail at Charles(at)alargefamily.com (I entered it this way to minimize spam).

I became A Christian around 1990, seven years before I was married. Since our marriage, my wife, Stacey, and I have had a total of eight children.

This Blog is a product of going and growing through the ‘trenches’ of life, so-to-speak. In it, my goal is to communicate things that have been helpful to me or things that I believe are important. So, there is both an autobiographical aspect to this blog, as well as a teaching component.

Although I am not perfect, I think that maybe some of the things that I have to share here can be helpful to you. Let me know if I can help. I can be found via twitter here: @ChMatthews if you want to engage. Hope you have a good day today, remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness. :)

Charles Matthews
March 21, 2014

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