One of the gods of this Age

Androgyny is not a term that most are familiar with, but it means to have both parts of both genders. The entity isn’t either male or female, nor is the entity neither male nor female.

The androgynous entity is both male and female. Such is the god of this age. Such is the altar from which many Christians worship.

How can you tell if you are worshipping the false god of androgenity?

Do you see male and female gender differences as inconsequential in the worship of the living and true God?

Galatians 3:28,29, while describing the qualitative nature of salvation in that gender is no way that God distinguishes who may be saved (both male and female may be saved), if gender was now no longer and issue post salvation, God would have removed our gender from us at that point.

Equality related to salvation doesn’t work out to be that our roles are dissolved into a jumbled mess of spaghetti or into a pot of seafood gumbo. It does mean the freedom to serve within our roles with the unencumbered and delimiting freedom of God’s word, which has many distinctives that should be a comfort; not a hindrance, to worshipping God.

For a man to provide for his family and a woman to be a keeper at home is the freedom that comes to a child who is in his right place and not getting into everything that he has no business entangling himself with… Thus becoming a busy body rather than seeking to be busy about doing the work of God’s kingdom and avoiding piercing himself through with many griefs.

God’s word still rules supreme over our culture and the ‘gods’ of this age… it’s just, are we willing to submit ourselves to His word, or will we butt our heads against the brick wall of His certain and unchanging word?


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