Goal Setting, Level 2

I named this post Level 2 because Level 1 is all over the internet and books, etc. Very few resources that I have been able to see have Level 2 Goal setting – some have aspects rolled into particular strategies. I am only here listing what I have needed to do, to this point (1.25.2012) to accomplish my goals.

This is the way that I have been able to bench-press over 55,000 pounds. (Not all at the same time). I will tell you my goal when I am about to reach it :)

Here is what I determined I needed:

I need to have a minimum baseline that is supremely easy to accomplish on a daily basis so that I stay motivated and don’t get discouraged in the process of trying to reach my goals.

I need to have a daily performance objective so that I will know how much I need to do in order to stay on track for the year, and that broken down into week / day

I need contingencies should ‘life’ occur and I fail to meet my daily / weekly goals and objectives, and yet still stay on track to accomplish them.

I need to have a huge enough goal to accomplish that sparks my imagination to try to keep going.

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