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Large families are more common than you would think…

If the average size of a family in the United States is 2.6, and you have more than 2.6 children (BTW, what is .6 of a child?) :), then you have a larger than average family. For me, we have eight natural born children from our only marriage. I guess that makes us ‘above’ average! If you have three or more children, you are a large family. This Blog is for you. (… and its ok if people in general or people who want large families or who come from large families read it also). :)

So, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Charles Matthews. I am an architect in Southern California. I am a Christian and have been married for seventeen years at the time of this revised post (2014).

First of all, congratulations to all of you above average families out there! We aim to build a community of mutual support, encouragement and edification so that everyone feels at home, as much as possible in this life. Since I am the Dad, I want this Blog to be a specific help to the dads of large families out there. I haven’t done much research as far as what is currently available, but hope that by lending a bit of what I have gained throughout the years of my marriage, I will be able to help you with yours and especially raising those precious people you have under your care! – Hey, I could always learn something from you guys. Let me know what works for you.

My intention is to begin with this Blog, and gradually develop the content to include a podcast, and a video blog that will cover any number of topics as we continue to grow as a community. This community is intended to be informative and at times fun, but overall, I want it to be helpful so that your job is easier. If you pay attention to things, they tend to get better… so, this blog is a start, and will get better over time. The best way for it to get better is for you to post your responses and tell me what you would like me to write about.

My overall plan is threefold: 1.) To address a variety of issues as they come to mind on an ‘ad hoc’ basis, 2.) To generally hit a number of foundational issues, then go deeper into specific aspects of them. I do this because I want to insure that we are on the ‘same page’, or at least that you know where I am coming from and 3.) to eventually get to a point where we are covering more strategic and tactical issues on raising a family. So, we will move from the basic philosophy into the practical, with a sprinkling of commentary on a variety of topics. I am taking an ‘extremely long term’ view of this blog as an ongoing repository, as it were.

Additionally, seeing as I can’t be everywhere all at the same time, as far as the blog goes, you will need to help me ‘police’ it, so that constructive comments are posted and ‘haters’  and trolls of all sorts that may come along are ‘called out’ on it. If comments are especially derogatory or criticism goes toward anything less than constructive, I’m not afraid to delete posts or remove you from the community. Wouldn’t want to remove anyone, but won’t hesitate if need be.

I envision us covering a multitude of issues, among which I would include the following:

  • Family Relationships, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Finances / Work / Provision
  • Vacations, camping and fun times at home
  • Health care issues
  • Faith and its application in the family
  • Emergency Preparedness for the family
  • Civic responsibility and Political involvement
  • Sustainability, Stewardship and the Environment – myths and realities
  • Productivity and time management strategies for the family

I will be addressing these topics from my point of view, which as mentioned above is Christian. Politically, I am oriented toward Constitutional Conservatism – a literal interpretation of the Constitution. And, I actually do believe that the Bible is God’s Word, without error in the original languages and is authoritative for every aspect of living life in this world and the next.

If you have topics that you would like me to cover / address, please comment below. I look forward to meeting other dads out there so let me know what you would like to see.

Best regards,
Charles Matthews

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